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Letter of Recommendation Request

Letter of Recommendation Request

When requesting a Letter of Recommendation, be sure to:

       -Plan ahead to meet your deadline.  Please allow 10-14 days for your letter to be completed 

       -Let your counselor know all the specifics… Dates, directions on what to do with the completed recommendation letter, where it needs to be submitted, etc…

       -Give as much information about yourself as possible. This is your time to shine!

       -If your letter of recommendation needs to be mailed somewhere, please provide a stamped, addressed envelope (Click HERE if you need help addressing an envelope)

       -Write a “Thank You” letter to your Counselor for their support

       -Keep a copy of the letter in case you need to submit somewhere else


Click HERE to fill out the Google Form if you would like to request a Letter of Recommendation from your Counselor