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Cardboard Club

Looking for something fun to do?

The CardBoard Club meets on Thursdays after school in Mr. Stokes’ room to play card games and board games. There are over 60 games to choose from. Come join the fun and meet new people.

Club Slogan

"It's all fun and games."- Preston Johnson

The CardBoard Club was established in the fall of 2021 by Michael Ard (Science, Internships, HOSA) and Matt Stokes (Computer Science, Keys to Success, Drivers Ed). The club mission is to bring together students from all backgrounds with a common love of tabletop games and enjoy a break from the challenges and demands of teen life. All students are welcome at no charge. Game donations are appreciated. The club raises funds to purchase more games each year and will soon branch out to provide a wider variety of activities and services to the school and community.

The CardBoard Council             


  • Alex Little
  • Cooper Sharp
  • David Elizondo
  • Derek Little
  • Ethan Hoffmann
  • Gerrit Noorda
  • Henry Long
  • Naomi Hughes
  • Orlando Pitcher